Data Intelligence for Art



  • 1C is a startup created in the information sharing age to help museums and art galleries to make the most of their database.

Intelligent data services

  • 1C provides Intelligent data services for the art world.
  • 1C creates the bridge-link between the database, the art experience and the collection management.
  • 1C unlocks and explores inherent potentials of a database.
  • 1C fills the gap between art professionals and IT departments.

1C interacts on 3 levels

  • Create. Recording, collecting, generating, managing and enriching data
  • Think. Analyzing, exploring, interpreting data
  • Express. Visualisations, interactive presentations and VR, web applications, displays



We can help you to collect data and build your database. This may include information and metadata of art works, visitor and behavioural data. An extensive database forms the basis for Intelligent data harvesting. This is essential in enhancing administrative, operational, and communication processes of an art institution.

1C can help to digitize art works, record related metadata and tag information for smart filtering. We can help to collect data from visitor experience. Record visitor flows through an exhibition and make projections for planned exhibitions. We can organize surveys and collect feedback.

Let’s create!


1c uses applied statistics, advanced algorithms and data visualisation techniques to interact intelligently with a database. We can analyse large amounts of data, carry out qualitative and quantitative enquiries, determine patterns, generate interpretations and find optimised solutions to a broad variety of queries.

We can help optimise the digitisation of art works, it’s cataloguing and storage arrangement. We can pre-assess spatial storage requirements and make future projections.
We can simulate visitor flows and determine area exposures.

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The data can be used in many ways. It can help to generalise and sum up your information. We can help to refine strategies for future acquisitions.

We can help visualize your data for better understanding and allow for exciting ways of communication and interaction. The metadata of artworks can be turned into presentations for web, mobile and exhibition displays. Augmented reality, apps and games can bring a whole new levels experience to an exhibition, website or installation.

Let’s do it!